Git Rebase Lesson

I wrote a script to automate the creation of two divergent git branches…’main’ and ‘feature’.

When I rebased ‘feature’ onto ‘main’ worked was “saved”.

The following code:

git checkout feature
git rebase main -i

even show ‘noop’ in the text editor.

Turns out, my code was creating duplicate patches on each divergent branch (here’s how to reproduce it if your interested, github link)

So when I rebased, git skips “already introduced patches”.

My reaction after 2 hours of reaching this finding:

Specifying A Range of Commits for Planning Git Merges

Use double-dot notation when specifying commit ranges.

git log master..experiment

We are asking the question:

“What range of commits ‘closes the gap’ FROM master TO experiment?” 👇

This will help you with planning git merges.

The output will show you what work (range of commits) you have not merged in yet.