Git Merge Conflicts

Merge conflicts can show up when you do a ‘git-merge’ or a ‘git-rebase’: One way you can “anticipate” a git merge is with the ‘diff’ command Here’s some bash pseudo code using command substitution: Remember though ☝️ A diff will always yield results, that’s what a patch is.. The key is when the SAME LINESContinue reading “Git Merge Conflicts”

CentOS Linux 8 Will End In 2021 And Shift To CentOS Stream

Possible Alternatives To CentOS Here are some alternatives identical to CentOS: 100% binary clones of Red Hat Rocky Linux Project Lenix Infograph Showing Where CentOS Stream Will “Sit” CentOS Stream will be a rolling release operating system, similar to Arch Linux. Therefore, it will NOT have version numbers and will site between Fedora and RedContinue reading “CentOS Linux 8 Will End In 2021 And Shift To CentOS Stream”