Benefit of Keychain over ssh-agent

Keychain is actually a front-end to ssh-agent Old Way New Way Keychain will re-use your original ssh-agent. Not create a new instance per shell. Some of the images are not my own 🙂 Keychain Concepts Here I explain the concepts that make up ssh key authentication and keychain: Demonstration Here, I show you how toContinue reading “Benefit of Keychain over ssh-agent”

What IS Personal Responsibility?

If you read plenty of personal development literature, you always here the concept of Personal Responsibility. But what does it REALLY MEAN and how do you practice this??? Here’s one way to ACTUALLY PRACTICE Personal Responsibility: Don’t focus on resources, focus on resourcefulness Can’t remember and too lazy to look up If you focus onContinue reading “What IS Personal Responsibility?”

Git Merge Conflicts

Merge conflicts can show up when you do a ‘git-merge’ or a ‘git-rebase’: One way you can “anticipate” a git merge is with the ‘diff’ command Here’s some bash pseudo code using command substitution: Remember though ☝️ A diff will always yield results, that’s what a patch is.. The key is when the SAME LINESContinue reading “Git Merge Conflicts”