CentOS Linux 8 Will End In 2021 And Shift To CentOS Stream

Possible Alternatives To CentOS Here are some alternatives identical to CentOS: 100% binary clones of Red Hat Rocky Linux Project Lenix Infograph Showing Where CentOS Stream Will “Sit” CentOS Stream will be a rolling release operating system, similar to Arch Linux. Therefore, it will NOT have version numbers and will site between Fedora and RedContinue reading “CentOS Linux 8 Will End In 2021 And Shift To CentOS Stream”

Read and Troubleshoot Linux Config Files 10x Faster!

One of the biggest pain-in-rears with being a Linux admin is reading config files. But not just reading them: TROUBLESHOOTING them. Config files can get very long, and have a lot of – albeit helpful – screen crowding comments and empty lines. Comments and empty lines are just something we don’t care about when weContinue reading “Read and Troubleshoot Linux Config Files 10x Faster!”

Learning Linux Bash with tar command

In this post, I’ll use the tar command to reveal some secrets of the CLI-Universe. You may have seen the following before but had no clue what the heck it meant: tar -cvzf /tmp/backup.bzip.tar /tmp/example.txt Not only am I going to show you what this means (give you a fish), but I’m going to teach you howContinue reading “Learning Linux Bash with tar command”