Blog where I share information and tutorials on how to install, configure and manage the Linux operating system

Or simply, how to get more familiar with the Linux shell.

There are dozens of ways to get Linux installed for free and start learning the operating system, the shell or programming.

Which Linux Distribution Should I Use?

Learning the fundamentals of Linux – WHAT it can do – can be accomplished on ANY distribution.

The WHAT, the fundamentals, are universal, across the board.

Where distributions differ is the HOW.

Different commands, syntax, and package managers may be used.

But if you know WHAT you’re trying to accomplish, the HOW is just a matter of syntax.

But the most common and popular ones I’ll be demonstrating with are:

  • CentOS / Redhat
  • Debian-based (Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS)

Do I Need To Buy New Hardware To Get Started With Linux?


You can use your existing Windows 10 machine (see How to Enable Linux on Windows 10 (for FREE)), Raspberry Pi, a repurposed laptop or computer, anyone can learn Linux from anywhere.

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