CentOS Linux 8 Will End In 2021 And Shift To CentOS Stream

Possible Alternatives To CentOS

Here are some alternatives identical to CentOS: 100% binary clones of Red Hat

Infograph Showing Where CentOS Stream Will “Sit”

Image Source: https://twitter.com/fatherlinux/status/1339330731709960194

CentOS Stream will be a rolling release operating system, similar to Arch Linux.

Therefore, it will NOT have version numbers and will site between Fedora and Red Hat. For contrast, CentOS sat AFTER every Red Hat release.

Stated another way:

  • CentOS was downstream to Red Hat: Fedora > Redhat > CentOS
  • CentOS Stream will be upstream to Red Hat: Fedora > CentOS Stream > Redhat

CentOS 7 and 8 End Of Life

CentOS 7 => June 30, 2024

CentOS 8 => December 31, 2021


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