Specifying A Range of Commits for Planning Git Merges

Use double-dot notation when specifying commit ranges.

git log master..experiment

We are asking the question:

“What range of commits ‘closes the gap’ FROM master TO experiment?” 👇

This will help you with planning git merges.

The output will show you what work (range of commits) you have not merged in yet.

The Best RedHat-based Linux Distributions

If you’re looking for a Red Hat-based operating system, here are the most popular:

  1. Rocky Linux
  2. AlmaLinux
  3. CentOS
  4. Fedora
  5. Oracle Linux
  6. ClearOS

Full Article 👉www.tecmint.com/redhat-based-linux-distributions/

Keep in mind, you can get free self-support licenses for Red Hat itself if you want.

Support is still community based but you will be entitled to security and operating system patches.

This Ritual Blew Me Away 😱

I can’t let go of my train-of-thought sometimes, but to let go of my art.


  • 6 Buddhist Monks
  • 5 days and
  • 40 hours of painstaking, tedious work
  • Symbolizing Impermanence, the nature of life (I guess Olaf ☃ was right! 😂)

Anytime you hear the term “Letting go” or “detachment” within spiritual practices and circles…this is probably the most practical, down to earth example of said terms I can think of. 🤔